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2 MINUTE READ - 6 Mar 2020

Glass Digital
Glass Digital
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In August of 2018, we moved out of our old offices and into our new Adderstone Group premises in Ouseburn. We knew that we were outgrowing our existing space, so had started to look for a new base that would suit us perfectly for years to come. As well as needing more square footage so we could continue to grow, we also wanted somewhere that we could really put our stamp on.

We looked at a lot of different offices around the Newcastle area, but the one we went with is the only one that truly ticked all of our boxes. At first, we took over the second floor of the building, and then expanded over onto the first floor once we had made some great new hires. There's still room for us to continue growing, too, which is very exciting.

Glass Digital's staff room

One of the main reasons we chose this office is that we knew we would be able to customise everything to suit our needs. And there's the added bonus of being based in Ouseburn, the creative quarter of Newcastle. It doesn't hurt that there are plenty of lovely bars and pubs we can pop to on a Friday after work, either.

We painted the walls of our office white to make it lighter and brighter, but we also wanted to create a fun and vibrant space where our staff would enjoy spending time. To help with this, we added different coloured desks and chairs for different departments, as well as an illuminated sign that helps to brighten up the space even further.

Glass Digital kitchen

We were also able to install an upstairs kitchen in a room that we weren't using for anything else. There was already a kitchen on the ground floor, but this wasn't particularly convenient for those working on the second floor. As a result, our directors decided that adding just the essentials to the top floor would be the best course of action, so we have the likes of a fridge, sink, dishwasher, and microwave upstairs now, too.

Glass Digital boardroom

One of the biggest problems with our previous office was that there was only one official meeting room. Our work involves a lot of client calls, meetings, and brainstorming sessions, which meant it was always booked up. So, when we were looking for a new office, we knew we would need more breakout spaces. Here, we have a more formal boardroom, and then three smaller meeting rooms that are great for client calls and casual work chats. Outside of lunch hours, we can also use our staff room for meetings, which we've updated with a whiteboard wall where people can record their plans and ideas.

We've taken our time with decorating the Glass Digital office, because we really wanted to get it right. While we'll certainly make more tweaks as time goes on, we're quite happy with how things are looking so far, and we're very much looking forward to growing our business here over the coming years.